Friday, 19 October 2012

Photo Story 3 for Windows

Now a days almost everyone has a digital camera and many people enjoy photography as a hobby.  Whether you are a professional photographer or not, you must have mounted up a huge number of photographs over the years that now it has become very difficult for you to keep track of them.  Many are in your memory cards, CDs, DVDs, and hard disks and there are times that you delete old photos in order to make space for the new ones.  Now it is time that you arrange them in order and I recommend you Photo Story 3 for Windows to do so.

Photo Story 3 for Windows is a photo organizer software that you can use to view, manage, and edit digital photos.  It will allow you to make a video from your still images and it can be played in Windows Media Player.  In short, it will make your still images move like a video and it is really fun to see them move.  Through this software, you can import and arrange pictures, add titles to pictures, add voice narration to pictures using a microphone, add motion, and add music per your choice.  You can also arrange the pictures in such a way that it conveys a meaning or tell a story and viewers will definitely find it interesting.  You can make short videos out of the still images that you have.  You can start with photographs of a birthday party at your home, family reunion, or a trip.  This software is very user friendly and even a child can use it.  You can download it free at

Windows 7 users can also use it but should follow the following:  On desktop icon for Photo Story 3, right click, go to properties, click on compatibility tab when box opens, tick in Run this program in compatibility mode, then on dropdown list select Windows XP (service pack 2).  Click apply button on right hand bottom.  Click on icon to run Photo Story 3.  That’s all.  Now, you can use it in Windows 7 also.

For me, the real beauty of photography is that it can tell a story and evoke an emotion in a concise, powerful, single image.  Presentation of photographs makes a lot of difference.  Even some not-so-good-looking photographs can prove beneficial if you carefully place them in between photographs to convey a meaning and you can do this in Photo Story 3 for Windows.  Before making a video using still images, you should first think of a story and then put relevant photographs, music, etc., in a folder.  Once you have the story ready and arranged all photographs accordingly, open Photo Story 3 for Windows and start making the video as you like using the various features that it presents.  After getting enough exposure to this photo organizer, it would not be very difficult for you make videos and gradually you will feel more comfortable and you can just sit down in front of your PC and dish out wonderful videos without giving it a second thought.  You can take some help from this video,