Friday, 14 September 2012

Take Photos of Anything You See

Whenever you have a camera in your hand, just keep taking photos of whatever objects you see.  It may be a cat, dog, trees, old building, children, and so on, because you never know, you may get lucky to have good pictures.  I also stress that you never delete photos from your camera directly.  Always load them in your computer first and then delete the ones you did not like.

The following photos I took just for the sake of using the camera and clicked without paying any heed as to the settings, brightness, etc., and when I loaded the photos in my computer to see how they appeared, I was surprised to see that these photos actually came out quite good than those which I carefully clicked.

This kid was tired after playing a lot in my nephew's birthday party and decided to take some rest.  As he sat in front of us, I took out the camera and clicked this picture without realizing it will come out so good.  As everyone started leaving after the birthday party, this kid was in no mood to go home and his litany of "no go now, no go now" still rings in my ears.  This is one of my favorite photos.  Taken in 2010.

I was on the terrace hoping to capture some sunset views.  As I was busy taking photos, this crow suddenly came and sat on the dish and reluctantly I took this picture in a hurry and went on clicking other photos.  When I loaded all the photos in my PC, this picture looked great.  Taken in 2011.

A lizard was crawling on the ground and I was about to press the shutter button, but this dog suddenly came from nowhere and started sniffing at my camera and stood in front of me, as if asking "click me also."  Annoyed with its mischievousness, I clicked this photo.  I was a bit sad as the lizard was gone.  When everyone was watching the photos in a slideshow, this picture was the center of attraction and whoever saw it burst into laughter.  This picture made everyone laugh, though at first I had no intention of taking it.  Taken in 2011.