Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tell A Story

Presentation of photos in a proper way goes a long way toward making them highly attractive to others and oftentimes can even be presented in a funny way to make others laugh.  In this chaotic and stressful world, a tad bit of fun makes a lot of difference.  If you are taking photography seriously, try to share your views with your friends and near and dear ones.  They are the ones you are very close to and you perhaps see them every day and their advice is really important to you.  Always keep some printed photos in your album, in your drawing room so that whenever someone comes to your home can see the photos and appreciate your work.

Use a group of photos to tell a story or to give your audience some amusement.

Is there a man in the window
looking at us?
Not a man, it's a ghost..

Oooops!!  Not a man, not a ghost but a bunch of bangles.
When we shifted to a new flat few years back, I saw what looks like a man in the next building window.  I took the camera and zoomed in a bit, then it looked like a ghost with eyes and a hook-like tooth and when I took a closeup view, I was amazed to see that it was nothing but a bunch of bangles giving the appearance of a man from faraway and a ghost.

So, my advice to you is take photos of whatever catches your attention.